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Booktype 1.6 for Authors and Publishers

The Table of Contents

Once several chapters have been created and developed, it is time to organise and order your Table of Contents.

Adding Sections to your Table of Contents

To add sections to a book:
  1. On the editing page click NEW SECTION at the top or bottom of the Table of contents.
  2. The New section window opens. Enter the title of your new section and click Create section.
  3. The new section is created and placed at the bottom of the Table of Contents.

Organising the Table of Contents

Inside a book's Chapters tab, the page is divided into two areas; the top area is the Table of contents and the bottom area is called Hold chapters. Any chapter residing in Hold chapters will not be included when you publish your book.

Re-ordering Sections and Chapters

If your sections need to be re-ordered, click and hold on the Section or Chapter you wish to move, then drag it up or down to its rightful place. To remove a section or chapter, drag it down into the Hold chapters area. Sections dragged to the Hold Area are deleted, but Chapters are not deleted.

Editing Chapter Titles

Once a chapter or section has been created, you may not always like the title, or you might be re-organising the entire book and therefore chapters and sections need to be re-named for the new structure:

  1. Open your book's Edit page and make sure the Chapters tab is selected.
  2. Double-Click on the chapter or section name that you want to change. A text field opens allowing you to change your title.
  3. Make any changes you desire and then click on the SAVE button to the right of the text field. CANCEL will of course cancel any changes made and return you to the previous title.

To change a Section title you must delete it by dragging it to the Hold Area and add another Section with the correct name.

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