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Booktype 1.6 for Authors and Publishers

The Edit Interface

Once you have created your book, click on the EDIT button to enter the edit interface and begin work on the content. 

On the right-hand side of the screen, there is a chat box and beneath it a list of the people currently editing this book. You can chat with each other while you edit. The chat window will also display notifications when someone joins, saves or creates a chapter, or does other actions.

Across the top of the screen are a series of tabs which enable different functions in the book editing process. These tabs are explained briefly below, and two of them - Settings and Publish - have their own chapters which give more detail. 


Click on the Chapters tab to see a list of all of the chapters in your book. From here, you can create or import a new chapter, edit an existing chapter, and create a new section. You can also arrange the order of your sections and chapters by dragging and dropping the bars, and set the current status of each chapter, as detailed in the chapter Communications.

Images and Files

From this tab, you can see a list of all the images you have uploaded to add to your book. You can also upload images here before placing them in a chapter, and you can delete unwanted images if you have the necessary privileges.

Cover Manager

The cover manager allows you to upload and manage covers for your book. You should upload your ebook cover image files (JPEG, GIF or PNG format) in the appropriate dimensions for EPUB, MOBI, screen PDF and ODT output. Artwork (in TIFF, XCF, PSD, PDF, PS, SVG, EPS, AI or INDD format) for the front cover, spine and back cover of your print books can be uploaded and managed, but will be kept separate from the text of the book when publishing it.

When you upload an image, the Enter Meta-data dialog enables you to specify associated details including the size and format of the book, whether the image is intended to be the front cover, back cover, spine, full cover or e-book type, as well as the license for the image.


To follow the history of edits and revisions to your book, click on the History tab. You can see who has made what changes on what date, and compare revisions.


The Versions tab allows you to create major or minor versions of your book. Other users will not be able to edit previous versions once you create a new version.


The Notes tab provides a shared note area for all collaborators to write and read notes about the book production. Remember to click the Save the notes button when you have edited this, otherwise your changes will not be saved.


From the Settings tab, book admins can manage the settings specific to this book. Please see the chapter Settings for further information. 


When you have finished writing your book, go to the Publish tab and select the settings you require for different publishing outputs. Please see the chapter Publishing for further information.

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