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The Storyteller theme for Newscoop

Your first content article

The first article you create should be your “title” article. This is the first piece of content that your readers will see, so be sure to choose an engaging image or background video for the start of your piece.


  1. When choosing an image or video for the header, choose one that the title text will be visible on.

  2. From here on out, you can create any type of article you want. We will review the options available within the articles later in the piece. By using the switches on the side of the page, you can dictate if you want your article to serve as either a full screen video, a slideshow or an all-text page.

  3. Once you have created an article, select it and fill in the field 'display title'. This will be the title that actually appears on your project. This title is no longer for internal reference, which means that it needs to be suitable for the public.

  4. If you have enabled navigation for your story, the switch 'chapter_head' will allow that particular article to show up in the navigation as a chapter. Readers will be able to view each chapter and navigate to them easily through the navigation.

5. From here, you can fill your content in as you see fit. In the next chapter, you will find a description of the different switches and what they enable you to do.  

* TIP: Be sure to “Save” frequently. The system will not let you, for example, attach a new image if you have not saved other changes. Newscoop does not have 'Auto-Save' functionality you may be familiar with from other software, as saved changes are pushed to the live news site immediately.

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