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The Storyteller theme for Newscoop

Using images

Background images, inline images, parallax, full screen slideshows and horizontal slideshows

Images are a vital component of any well-done longform piece. Remember, images do not need to be restricted to traditional photos, but they can be graphs, maps and more. The important part is choosing the right image for each type of space, i.e, background images, inline images, full-screen slideshows and horizontal slideshows.

  • Background images: When selecting a background image, keep in mind whether you plan to have text over the image. If you choose to include text, it will scroll at a different speed from the image (parallax scrolling). If you are planning to add text, choose a simple image that will not interfere too heavily with the text.

  • Inline images: these are useful when you don’t want to draw the reader's attention too far from the text, but need an image to help illustrate a point you make in the text directly.

  • Full-screen slideshow: within your slideshow, try not to include too many images, as readers will have to scroll through all of them to continue reading the story. If you have too many images in your slideshow, you may lose your reader.

  • Horizontal slideshow: This is useful for including a larger selection of images. Readers can scroll through them at their leisure or decide to not scroll through them at all.

  • High-resolution images can significantly increase the preloading time of your story.

Guide your readers through your images. Remember, everything should serve a purpose in your project.  

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