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The Storyteller theme for Newscoop

What is Storyteller?

Storyteller is a longfom storytelling theme created for the open source CMS, Newscoop. This theme enables you to make your stories beautiful and engaging for readers. The theme includes various features such as full-screen slideshows, ambient sound, and fullscreen video, on one longform platform. It was built in response to the growing trend in interactive journalism, and the simultaneous lack of open source options available. The theme turns your browser window into a canvas for interactive storytelling, for any newsroom or publisher.

Feature list

  • A clean, uncluttered layout that is easily customizable

  • Fun to use navigation

  • Fullscreen background looping video

  • Fullscreen content video

  • Fullscreen background images with descriptive titles and text for slideshows

  • Fullscreen background video with descriptive title text

  • Horizontal slideshows

  • Background audio

  • Parallax scrolling

View our theme demo to see all these features in action and read our Wiki page for technical details or download it on Github now.  

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