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The Storyteller theme for Newscoop

Using video

Background videos, looping videos, videos and loading time of a longform story

Video is a valuable tool for breaking up the text when you may be losing your reader's attention, or for enhancing the overall experience of the story. When gathering video content, remember that not all of the video needs to contain vital information. While including interviews or content-heavy video is desirable, keep in mind that background videos or looping videos can also provide an introduction or background for text. These types of videos should be kept simple so as to not distract the reader, but rather to enhance their experience.

When including videos in your piece, be sure that you don’t include too many! The load time for your piece increases the more video you include, especially if the video is of a very high quality. Try to find the right balance between engaging video content, and going overboard by making the load time too high.

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