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Newscoop 4.3 Cookbook

Working with featured article lists (aka Playlists)

Newscoop offers several automated ways for ordering content:

  • Order by publishing date (ascending / descending)
  • Order alphabeticallly
  • Section order (you can move articles up or down in a section using the administration interface)

...and more. These are described in the chapters about listing articles. 

With these automated listings you just write, edit, proof and publish your article, and it shows up - for example, inside a blog where the newest article is on top. Newscoop also offers the possibility to make custom 'playlists' of articles. The advantage of using playlists is that the editor has full control over which article is displayed where, regardless of the section it belongs to. The downside is that it involves an extra step for the editors: after completion of the article, it needs to be added to the playlist.

Featured Article List is a custom article playlist created for use in a specific template, such as the front page of your publication. To create a new list, click on Featured Article List in the Content menu, then click the blue Add list button.

To display these playlists you need to know the name you gave the featured article list in the admin interface, or its dynamically generated ID number. Playlists behave exactly like a regular {{list_articles}} block. To display the names of articles in your template, you can use this syntax with the playlist name:

{{ list_playlist_articles name="playlist name" }}

or with the playlist ID number:

{{ list_playlist_articles id="playlist id" }}

You can also set the length of your list. The example below will display the top four article names in the list.

{{ list_playlist_articles id="2" length="4"}}

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