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Newscoop 4.3 Cookbook

List article images


Create a list of images attached to the article currently defined in the template environment. If the article was not defined, the list is empty. The code between {{ list_article_images }} and {{ /list_article_images }} is repeated for every image in the list.


{{ list_article_images [length="<integer_value>"]
                       [order="<image_order>"] }}
{{ /list_article_images }}


  • length="<integer_value>": <integer_value> specifies list_length and forces the list to have at most list_length items. If the list contains more items than list_length items the interval of elements to be displayed can be switched using has_previous_elements and has_next_elements from the current_list object
  • columns="<integer_value>": <integer_value> specifies columns_number and sets an environment variable. This is incremented as if the items were placed in a table cell. The counting starts from one and the variable is incremented for every new element. When it reaches the maximum value it is reset to one. This is very useful in building tables of data. For details see current_list.
  • order="<image_order>"=
  • default, number: order by the number assigned to the image when attached to an article
  • byDescription: order by the image description
  • byPhotographer: order by the photographer name
  • byDate: order by the image date
  • byLastUpdate: order by the image last update time


Taken from Template Pack "The Custodian" (date 2011-03-15) file "article-gallery.tpl"

{{ list_article_images }}
 {{ if $gimme->current_list->count gt 1 }}
  {{ if $gimme->current_list->at_beginning }}
   <div id="article-gallery">
    <h4>{{ if $gimme->language->name == "English" }}Article gallery
        {{ else }}Mini galera{{ /if }}:
  {{ /if }}
     <div class="gallery-item">
      <a class="grouped_elements"
       href="{{ $gimme->article->image->imageurl }}" rel="group">
       <img alt="{{ $gimme->article->image->description }}"
       src="{{ $gimme->article->image->thumbnailurl }}" />
     </div><!-- /.gallery-item -->
   {{ if $gimme->current_list->at_end }}
   </div><!-- /#article-gallery -->
   {{ /if }}
 {{ /if }}
{{ /list_article_images }}

Inside list_articles the following statements are forbidden:

  • set_language
  • set_default_language
  • unset_language
  • set_publication
  • set_default_publication
  • unset_publication
  • list_issues
  • set_issue
  • set_default_issue
  • set_current_issue
  • unset_issue
  • list_sections
  • set_section
  • set_default_section
  • unset_section
  • list_articles
  • set_article
  • set_default_article
  • unset_article
  • list_article_images

Inside the list, the current image is set to the current element of the list. The environment context is restored after the list processing.

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