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Newscoop 4.3 Cookbook


The section object is set at the beginning of the main template, based on the request URL. This object can be changed using the set_section function. The section object has the following properties:

  • name: section name
  • number: section identifier in the Newscoop database
  • description: section description text
  • url_name: the section name used in URL display (see the "Creating a section" chapter in Newscoop for Journalists and Editors)
  • template: the full path of the issue template file
  • publication: the publication to which this section belongs to - object of type Publication
  • issue: the issue to which this section belongs to - object of type Issue
  • language: the section language - object of type Language
  • defined: boolean value (true/false) - true if the section was set in the current environment; false otherwise

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