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Newscoop 4.3 Cookbook

Direct frontend link to article editing

Sometimes journalists and editors realize that they want to change somethnig in an article only after they see it on fronted. And they want to do it quickly, even if they don't know in which issue and which section of the publication structure article is placed. And they don't want to spend time searching for it.

Now there's this handy solution: just put this code on right places - on the beginning of article teasers is good option - and it will does the magic, it will create the link from every article teaser to article edit screen in backend. And it will do it only to users who have administrative privileges, of course!

{{ if $gimme->user->is_admin }}
<a class="hard-highlight"
href="http://{{ $gimme->publication->site }}/admin/articles/edit.php?f_publication_id={{ $gimme->publication->identifier }}&f_issue_number={{ $gimme->issue->number }}&f_section_number={{ $gimme->section->number }}&f_article_number={{ $gimme->article->number }}&f_language_id={{ $gimme->language->number }}&f_language_selected={{ $gimme->language->number }}" target="_blank"
style="" title="Edit article">
{{ /if }}

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