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Newscoop 4.2 for Journalists and Editors

Using plugins

Plugins enable your system administrator to add functionality to your Newscoop installation without having to write a large amount of code. They can also help you to make better use of the content already in your Newscoop publication.

Plugins are managed via their own sub-menu on the main Newscoop navigation menu. See the chapter Installing plugins for more details. Some plugins have a corresponding box in the sidebar of the Edit Article page, when the plugin is active. Currently, there are four plugins installed by default with Newscoop:

  • Debate: When this plugin is active, a box in the sidebar of the Edit Article page enables you to attach a specific reader voting debate to a specific article. Clicking the Attach button opens a pop-up window in which you can select the debate that you require. You can also create a new debate there.
  • Polls: Your readers can vote on a question; the question can be set dynamically and can be multilingual. The new Debate plugin offers more features, but Newscoop 3 publications may have stored existing reader votes using the Polls plugin. So the Polls plugin is provided in Newscoop 4 to make upgrading publications from Newscoop 3 simpler.
  • reCAPTCHA: This plugin enables a CAPTCHA on your Newscoop publication's comment and registration forms, helping to deter spammers. To use this feature, you will need to obtain a reCAPTCHA key from and enter it into the plugin's configuration page.
  • SoundCloud: This plugin enables audio files, such as podcasts and radio programmes, to be hosted on the third-party SoundCloud service. You will need to register for a SoundCloud account on in order to make use of this feature. When this plugin is active, a box in the sidebar of the Edit Article page enables you to attach a specific audio file to a specific article.

Other plugins available include:

  • Interviews: Enables on-line interviews for your Newscoop publication; readers can see the latest questions and answers.
  • Blogs: This plugin has been replaced by integrated blogging features in Newscoop 4 onwards.

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