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Newscoop 4.2 for Journalists and Editors

Creating an article

The Article List for a particular section can be found by clicking on Content in the main Newscoop navigation menu, and following the hierarchy of Publications, Issues and Sections. Alternatively, use the 'breadcrumb trail' of links just below the main navigation menu. You can create a new article by clicking the Add new article link at the top of the Article List.

The Add new article page contains three fields for entering basic information about the article you will create.

  • Name: The title of the article. You will be able to rename the article at any time in the future.
  • Type: Select one of the available article types from the drop-down menu. If you have not set up any custom article types yet, only the defaults of news, page or link will be available. Refer to the later chapter on Article Types for details on how to create custom article types. The choice of Article Type that you make for this particular article cannot be altered later.
  • Language: Select the language the article will be written in. A drop-down list will contain the additional languages you have defined for this publication, if any. The language choice you make at this stage is final, although you can create a translation of the article into another language.

When you click the Save button, you will be taken to the Edit Article page.

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