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Newscoop 4.3 for Journalists and Editors

Import XML

On the Actions menu there is an entry Import XML which enables you to import formatted content from other publishing systems, such as Adobe InDesign or WordPress.

The XML tags that you use in the export must match those used by Newscoop. For example, to match the default Article Type news you could use the following fields:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>



    <name>Gigantoraptor Discovered in Mongolia</name>

    <keywords>Gigantoraptor, Dinosaur, Mongolia</keywords>

    <author>Sarah Staffwriter</author>

    <deck>Newly discovered dinosaur roamed the desert 80 million years ago</deck>

    <full_text>Imagine an ostrich that tipped the scales at 3800 kilograms, standing 
twice as tall as a human, with a solid tail and massive body, plus long, feathered 
arms with sharp claws, and a turtle-like beak.

    The huge size of Gigantoraptor is a surprise because it is a member of the oviraptorids, 
a group of flightless feathered dinosaurs closely related to birds, which mostly weighed 
less than 80 kilograms. Known since the 1920s, oviraptorids were toothless and probably 
omnivorous. "Gigantoraptor would be a strange animal in any environment," says Tom Holtz 
of the University of Maryland in College Park.

    The partial fossil skeleton was found in Inner Mongolia and is from a young adult about 
8 metres long. Many of Gigantoraptor's features are unique, suggesting dinosaurs were 
more diverse than has been recognised, says lead author Xu Xing of the Institute of 
Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Bejing (Nature, vol 447, p 844). Its 
combination of slender limbs and long lower legs may have made it the fastest runner 
among large two-legged dinosaurs, he says.</full_text>



Multiple <article> tags can be enclosed by the top-level <articles> tag, so that you can import a large number of articles from a single XML file.

Once you have an appropriately formatted XML file exported from the other system, use the Import XML page to upload it. You will need to set the Article Type, Language and Publication that you wish to import into, and also if you wish to Overwrite existing articles with the same names. Setting an Issue and Section to import into is optional.

The newly imported articles will be listed in the Pending widget on the Dashboard, as well as the Pending articles page on the Content menu. In either of these lists, you can click on the article Title to edit the article.


If there is a mismatch between the tags in the XML file you have tried to import, and the fields in the Article Type that you have attempted to import into, Newscoop will list the empty fields and the problematic tags. You can then re-export the XML file from the other application with the correct tags.

Should the XML file be incorrectly formatted altogether, Newscoop will refuse to import it.

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