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Booktype 2.0 for Amnesty Editors and Translators

What is Booktype?

Updated for Booktype 2.0

With Booktype you can create books. Real, good-looking paper books you can hold in your hands. You can also use Booktype's output to PDF, EPUB, XML and HTML to export books ready for Amazon, iBooks, or the open web.

Since early 2015, Booktype has been used by Amnesty International to assemble the various translated editions of the Annual Report and prepare them for output to a variety of formats. This change to the previous workflow is intended to make the production process easier to manage.

Editors and translators still use the Microsoft Word tools that they are familiar with, but Booktype converts these Word documents into chapters of a structured book which can be exported to PDF format for print, screen and proofs, and EPUBs for e-book readers. The EPUBs are also used to provide XHTML for Amnesty web sites.

Booktype is web-based software which means you do not install it on your computer; rather, you access it through a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The Booktype GmbH company takes care of installation, hosting and security on behalf of Amnesty.

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