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Booktype 2.4 for Authors and Publishers

Using the Booktype API

Booktype has an Application Programming Interface which you can use to connect Booktype to other systems and web services. This API includes a wide range of features, including listing books and users, or creating and updating books remotely.

The API documentation is generated from the API itself, including 'Try it out!' buttons which allow you to see the live results of API commands on your Booktype instance.

Because the API can handle sensitive information such as the names of authors and editors, or book content which is not yet published, it requires authentication. To see the full range of API features, make sure you are logged into your Booktype instance as a superuser. Then open your web browser at the URL of your instance followed by /_api to see the API documentation. For example:

You should see a list of available API features in your browser. The red error button in the lower right corner can be ignored, as this is due to the API being password protected and therefore unavailable to the online Swagger validator.

Booktype API documentation

If you click on one of the API features, such as books, you will see the details of the API commands and responses available. A summary of each command is shown on the right side of the list.

Booktype API details

Within the details of each command are the specifications for making API requests using a program such as curl.

Apache configuration for the API

If you are using the Apache web server with Booktype, and see the error Authentication credentials were not provided when accessing the API, this probably means the Apache WSGI module has yet to be configured to accept authentication. Please see for details.

There has been error in communication with Booktype server. Not sure right now where is the problem.

You should refresh this page.