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Airtime Pro for Broadcasters


Only users with the User Type of Admin or Super Admin can see the System menu when they log in. If you are the account owner, Super Admin details can be changed in your Billing Settings page.

Setting passwords and contact details

On the left side of the Users page, click on a username in the table. The details for this user will appear in the box on the right side. To begin with, on a freshly installed Airtime Pro instance, a user may only have a Username, Password and User Type set.

Manage Users

To set a new password for a user, enter a string of letters and numbers (as long and as varied as is practical) into the Password field, then again into the Verify Password field to guard against typing errors. Keeping the password for admin users secret is essential for the smooth running of your station, because it enables access to all scheduling and management features. You can also enter other details for the user account on this page, including full name and contact details. Then click the Save button.

Save user

Adding user accounts

To add further user accounts to the system, one for each of your station staff that need access to Airtime, click the New User button with the plus icon. Enter a user name, password and contact details, and then select the User Type from the drop down menu, which can be Admin, Program Manager, DJ, or Guest. The difference between these user types is:

  • An Admin (station manager) has read and write access to all the features of Airtime. This role should be reserved for trusted staff members only. If you give the Admin role to too many people, there could be arguments at the station!
  • A Program Manager has write access to the entire broadcast schedule, but cannot see the System menu and therefore cannot adjust Airtime preferences, manage user accounts, change stream settings, check the server status, or see the Listener Stats. A Program Manager can view the History menu and the Playout History page, but cannot edit History Templates.
  • A DJ (presenter) only has write access to features related to the specific shows assigned to them by an Admin or Program Manager. The DJ can read data for other shows in the Calendar, but not write to them. This read access to other shows helps staff plan their own shows, for instance avoiding the scenario where two DJs play the same music by coincidence. Like a Program Manager, a DJ cannot see the System menu when they log in, and cannot edit History Templates.
  • A Guest can log in to read the forthcoming schedule or playlists, but has no write permission for any feature. Guest users cannot see the Add Media, Library, System or History menus when they log in. The group of guest users might include the station accountant, or the show assistants.

Editing or deleting user accounts

New user accounts that you add will be shown in the table on the left side of the Users page. If you have a large number of users on the system, you can use the search tool above the table (which has a magnifying glass icon) to identify specific user accounts. Click the white chevrons in the table headings to sort the search results by Username, First Name, Last Name or User Type.

Sort users

To edit a user account, click on that user's row in the table, change the user's details in the box on the right side, and then click the Save button. To remove a user account, click the small x icon to the right side of its row in the table. You cannot delete your own user account, and usernames cannot be changed once created.

If the Airtime server is running in demo mode, user accounts cannot be created or updated.

Updating your own account

Users can update their own password, and their contact, language and time zone details, by clicking their username on the right side of the main menu bar, next to the Logout link.

Edit user account 

This action opens a separate, individual page which the user can update regardless of their User Type and access to the System menu. Click the Save button to update your account.

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