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Live Blog 2.0 for Journalists

Users and collaborators

When Live Blog is first set up, at least one administrator-level user is created. The administrator can then add journalists and other contributors as required, by clicking the Add User button in the Users section.


In the Add User dialog, the user's login name and password are set up, along with other basic details. Additionally, there is a drop-down menu in which the user's role is defined. The standard available roles are Administrator, Collaborator and Editor.


Users with administrator privileges are able to do pretty much anything on the system, including adding and deleting users, and creating, publishing and deleting live blogs. Editors have almost exactly the same range of privileges.

Collaborators are much more limited. They are only able to write posts, not publish them. A collaborator's posts will need to be approved and published by a user with administrative privileges. In the current version of Live Blog, collaborators only have access to the Edit tab, rather than any of the other publication sources.

Once they have been set up on the system, users can be added as contributors to individual live blogs via the Manage Collaborators button. In the Define Collaborators section, click the Add new button, select the user you would like to add, and click Save changes.

In the Define Collaborators section you must then click on the drop-down arrow corresponding to your newly added user and set the role to be Collaborator or Administrator.

You can also remove a collaborator from your live blog here, by clicking on the 'X' which appears when you mouse over his or her name.

Note that even if an individual has been set to have only collaborator-level privileges by the administrator in the Users section, he or she can nevertheless be granted administrator-level privileges when added as a contributor to a live blog. These privileges only extend to the particular live blog in question.

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