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Live Blog 2.0 for Journalists

Getting help

Live Blog is based on the Superdesk platform created by Sourcefabric. You can visit the Superdesk development forum, and sign up for the mailing list, at

This forum is mirrored by the mailing list, so posts on the forum appear on the mailing list and vice versa. You can therefore also post a message there by emailing

To subscribe to forum updates via mail, please register or login to the forum by clicking the appropriate link. Then click the Subscribe button at the top of each forum page.

Bug reporting

Live Blog needs your input to improve. If you think you've found a bug, please visit and sign in, using the same login and password that you registered for the Superdesk forum. Create a bug report by selecting Create Issue, then Superdesk, and then Bug on the Issues menu in the main navigation bar. That way, the Superdesk team can keep track of your problem and notify you when it has been fixed. You can also suggest improvements and new features for Live Blog on that site.


Finally, when all other avenues have been exhausted, email us directly at and we'll try to help!

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