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TagesWoche Newscoop 4.4 Implementation

section page template

Common elements:

Main content column on section pages of Basel, Schweiz, International, Sport, Kultur and Leben uses featured article list (one per section, for example for section Basel there is featured article playlist 'Basel' and so on), rather than showing only articles placed physically in those sections in backend. The reason is flexibility - editors often want to show relevant blogposts on section pages (blogs are stored in separate issue), link articles (all link articles are in kept together in yet another issue) etc.

Top article is shown with big picture and textual elements (hightitle, title, teaser text, link to full article page, number of existing comments). Although style-wise these elements look the same for different types of articles, it is actually carefully programmed to check what fileds are filled and what should be shown.

For example, in article type 'news' there is field 'spitzmarke'. Value entered there is shown as hightitle, and if it empty, then section name is printed. In the case of newswire article, if 'spitzmarke' field is empty, then template checks for aritcle keywords and prints them. For 'Link' aritcles, there is always 'Linkempfehlung' shown as hightitle.

Similar level of complexity is implemented for article authors (if one or more authors; if article is marked as 'kommentar'; if some specific author types are present that are not shown, etc).

Other articles - There is total of fifteen articles from the appropriate playlist (featured article list) shown with textual teasers. Others follow the same logic as top one, just the teaser image is smaller, or in some cases not existing.

Native ad - On position #3 there there is possibility for editors to show 'native ad' - article-like paid content that is somhow relevant for given section (editors can ad such paid article by turning switch 'Basel' on (switch that has the same name as section they want to show it in, that is. One such article can be shown in more than one sections).

Related dossiers - After sixth article, template atomatically shows two dossiers teasers that are marked as linked to given secton - if such two dossiers exist.

Slider of older news  is showing articles from section's featured article list starting from position 16. In four slides there are news shown only with hightitle and title which is link to the article page.

Sidebar links is the widget showing seven article of type 'link'. Here on section page it is filtered to appropriate switch which corresponds with the section name. 

So, the list is automatic and editors are affecting it by selecting  appropriate switches (for example, if some 'link' article is to be shown in the Links widget on Section Basel page, article switch that should be turned on is 'Basel'.

Honorieren widget is Call-to-action element that offers site visitors to become supporters of different levels by paying annual contribution.

Section Sport

Apart from standard elements and functionality described above, right-hand sidebar of Sport section page has few unique widgets.

Special is theshortcut to timleine.js-driven story on history of football in Switzerland.

Tippspiel is shortcut to tipping suggestions page.

Alles zur Saison des FCB is shortuct ot page 

Section Leben

On top of the right-hand sidebar special widget 'Rubriken' offers direct link to several topic pages: 

  • Auch das noch
  • Aus dem Fotoarchiv von Kurt Wyss
  • Gefordert
  • Kultwerk
  • Malenas Welt
  • Interviews
  • Wochenendlich
  • Wochengedicht

This list of topics is hard-coded into template.

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