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TagesWoche Newscoop 4.4 Implementation

Ingest plugin

The ingest plugin provides a simple, but efficient, news aggregation functionaltiy for Newscoop. Due the an extensible structure for content parsers it's technically possible to ingest any form of data and convert it to an article in Newscoop. (Note: The current version of the plugin only supports converstion to a predifined article type called Newswire, which is based on the NewsML standard.)

Content conversion

The parsers provide the conversion from feed content to Newscoop content. On a default installation two parsers are provided, one for handling RSS data and one for NewsML version 1.2. The RSS parser can hanle all RSS and ATOM variants and the NewsML parser handles the version 1.2 standard, on which the SDA feed is based for TagesWoche. For this specific SDA feed we do extend the NewsML parser with a so-called SDA-parser, to provide slight changes needed for Newscoop. So the NewsML parser is mostly a good base for writing your own NewsML based parser.

As mentioned before, the core strength of plugin lies with the extensibility of the content parsers. This means that once the plugins is installed people can start writing their own parsers. Through an event listener it's possible to write your own plugin with just one or more parsers and the Ingest plugin will then detect them automatically. This prevents any issues when an update for the ingest plugin is required.

Content direction

Feeds are the actual content sources for the ingest plugin. Per feed it's possible to adjust the settings and direct the content within Newscoop. By default it's possible to direct the content into a publication and section. Next to that an automatic or manual publication strategy can be chosen.

A newer version of the ingest plugin, not in use by Tageswoche, allows for a bit more control over content direction. The issue can also be specified now, next to that it's also possible to use a latest issue strategy. Then all content will be published into the latest issue, which is useful for a structure very much like the one TagesWoche has. Also new is the addition of automatically adding topics to ingested articles per feed.

Finally the update also provides a mechanism where parsers can enforce content direction, based on the actual content. So content with e.g. certain keywords, authors or images can be directed into different sections.



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