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TagesWoche Newscoop 4.4 Implementation

Header template

This universal template, used on all website pages, is grouping together different navigation levels and provides search form.

Main navigation is built as list of main sections (Basel, Schweiz, International, Sport, Kultur and Leben) as well as shortcuts to Blogs (leads to blogs overview page), Selection (editorial picks, videos playlist and handpicked dossiers), Dialog (page showing sitewide comments overview and debattes) and Wochenausgabe pages.

Secondary navigation changes for logged-in users. For random visitors it looks like this

Weather - Classifieds - Ausgehen - Todesanzeigen - Login

and after user logs in, new options are shown:

Weather - Classifieds - Ausgehen - Todesanzeigen - Meine Themen - Mein profil

Weather conditions for Basel are shown directly in navigation (temperature and symbol showing current weather). This is in the same time link to weather page with much more detailed weather conditions and forecast.

Kleinanzegen is link to classified ads section of the site.

Ausgehen is shortcut to section on the site which covers cultural events, restaurants etc.

Todesanzeigen is link to obituaries page.

Login link opens Omnibox modal window with options to register, login, retrieve forgotten password etc.

Meine themen is link to the My themes page for logged in users where they can follow news related to the topics they are subscribed to.

Mein profil is user dashboard page where profile settings are managed.

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