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TagesWoche Newscoop 4.4 Implementation

Footer template

In it's full size, when viewed on desktop device, footer template is constructed as six-column collection of links. Every column is psecific set of links:

  • Column 'TagesWoche' offers mainly links to static pages, content that is editable by editors and which is held in special issue no. 1. Few links are shortcuts to functions, like 'Abo & Mitgliedschaft' or external page for print issue advertising 'Anzeigen
  • Column 'Dialog' collects links that point to community pages, Dialog page or debate pages.
  • Column 'Themen' is collection of theme-based links, from Meine Themen and section pages, to all themes overview and finally Omniticker page.
  • Column 'Ausgehen' is set of shortcuts to ausgehen pages like Kino, Restaurants etc.
  • Column 'Blogs' lists all active blogs on TagesWoche platform. 'Active' blog is defined in 'blog info' article that exists in every blog and that holds all information about specific blog - cover image, motto, authors. Defining if blog is active or not is done by custom switch 'active' - if turned on, it will be shown in listings.
  • Column 'Folgen Sie uns' is collection of follow-us links on different social networks and services


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