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TagesWoche Newscoop 4.4 Implementation

Classifieds plugin


In October 2014 TagesWoche introduced a member club model which allows people to pay an annual fee to support them. Unlike a paywall, access to content is not restricted, but new benefits created for members. There are four membership levels and this value will be stored in the user profile. Classifieds are benefit for club members (everyone can see them, but only club members can post).


  • The homepage widget


  • Classifieds list view


  • Single classified page


  • Default image when classified doesn't have an image


Integration in site

  • Widget to display classifieds on site (e.g. sidebar)

  • Dedicated section/new tab in user profile to manage classifieds (my classifieds)

Structure of a classified ad

Entered by user (*=mandatory)

  • “Offering” or “looking for” *

  • title * (no of chars is limited)

  • content * (no of chars is limited)

  • price for the commercial membership type only

  • category

  • image


  • Username

  • Contact (form that sends message to email stored in user’s profile)

  • timestamp


  • Active true/false

  • Inactive, then Success true/false must be define


  • Any registered users can post

  • Users can post as many classifieds as they like, but no more than 3 concurrently active

  • Only commercial membership type can publish as much as want concurrently active classifieds on the site

  • Classifieds can be edited by its creator at any time


  1. User logs in and clicks on “Create classified”

  2. User enters data for classified

  3. User publish the classified

  4. User closes classified

  5. User is prompted to select if classified was successful or not

About plugin: 

Create classifieds in your newspaper based on Newscoop. This is Commercial plugin. Sourcefabric GmbH bought a extended license from creator. 


  • Categories
  • Images in classifieds
  • Connected to Newscoop users
  • Connected to publications
  • Integration with Newscoop Caching
  • Classifieds management in admin panel (search, edit, activate/deactivate).
  • Sample templates (setup it with your newspaper in 15 minutes)
  • Rest API (for now only read)
  • Integration with Newscoop permissions
  • Template lists (for now only announcements)

Sample Templates

You can find sample templates in directory Resources/sample_templates, just copy all files into you theme root directory (ex. themes/publication_1/theme_1).

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