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TagesWoche Newscoop 4.4 Implementation

article of type news & newswire template

common elements:

Full-width element is the option to change standard look of the page with embedded internal or 3rd party element that spans through the whole width (content column and sidebar) of the page. It also changes the way introductory text is shown (together with special element, it takes whole width).

Embedded element can be anything - often it is youtube video, interactive infographic, iframe... 

Embed code is added in article edit screen to the special field. To trigger sohwing that code into the page with changed layout, editors also need to turn on 'full_width_element' switch. This is needed because in some cases full width elements shouldn't be shown imediatelly or needs to be turned off after some time. In order not to delete content in special field (for example pasted 3rd party embed code), it is possible to 'activate' it using custom switch.

Different additional header graphics are activated for certain articles having some specific topic. For example, every article assigned with topic 'FC Basel' has appropriate banner that links to dedicated page.

Simlarly, for previous election campaigne there was accompaining banner for every article covering that topic that linked to the page with all candidates and with possibility to filter by political party, region and status.

Article figure can be sideshow or image.

  • Slideshow consists of images and/or videos. Inside the article slideshow is shown with first item in main space and film-strip of thumbnail images under it. Slideshow also has full size view, while on touch-screen devices it supports scrolling by finger sliding gesture. If item in slideshow is video (it can be YouTube or Vimeo hosted video) it is shown with poster image and play button sign in filmstrip (indicating it is different than just image) and in main figure space it opens in it's native player.
  • Image is shown in default size (automaticaly cropped and resized to 639x426px) with button for view in full-size. Image caption can be rich text, not only simple short description. Also, photographer property can be turned to link if that value (photographer_url) is filled.

If article is marked as Kommentar, which is done in backend by assigning special topic to the article, then layout also changes a little bit showing author portrait and byline, indicating that content is actually editorial comment on some topical issue.

Voting tool widget can be automatically shown after first paragraph of body text, floating on the right. Every article can get separate question and set of answers. This widget is interctive - logged-in users can vote for one of offered options, and after voting, overal result (percentage of votes for every option) is shown. This functionality depends on the Newscoop Debate plugin.

Interaction triggers is set of functions shown upon clicking the 'Mehr zum Thema' button under body text of every article. These functions are:

  • Follow topic - options to subscribe to specific topic that is assigned to currently opened article. This way, registered users can choose which topics they want to follow, without missing to see some content relevant to the topic of interest. Listing of articles for some topic they are subscribed to users  can see on the page 'Meine themen'.
  • CC-Notice - information wheteher article is free for sharing and link to specific rules under which sharing is allowed
  • Newsletter subscriotion - simple form where users can subscribe to editors curated mailing list(s) - daily, weekly or mitmachen. - I am not sure what this is
  • Honorieren widget - is Call-to-action element that offers site visitors to become supporters of different levels by paying annual contribution.

Article comments is advanced commenting feature that allows flat comments as well as comment replies (second-level comments). Commenting is open to all loged-in users. Next to comment text there is user profile picture picture, with colored border (different colors present different levels of user accounts) - Link to user profiles page

Comments can be filtered to only recommended comments (editors need to mark such comments in backend with special switch in comments management or in article edits screen), all comments view (with levels indicating comment replies) or in chronological flat list which shows all received comments in timely order.

Every comment has sharing options, meaning it can be individually shared to social networks, in emails etc - provided link will lead to the position on the page where specific comment is shown.

Comment listing under the article has 'show more' button activated after few comments shown - when clicked, rest of article comments are loaded. 

Every single comment, if too long, will be truncated to first 500 characters, with link 'more' that opens rest of the comment text.


Hintergrund zum Artikel - every 'news' or 'newswire' article has trigger button which shows backpage of article.

Artikel teilen are simple sharing buttons for most popular social networks (Facebook and Twitter), button to recommend by email, and button that sends foramted version of article content to whatever is configured as default printer.

Honorieren widget - is Call-to-action element that offers site visitors to become supporters of different levels by paying annual contribution.

Mehr zum thema is widget showing topics (linked to theme page with listing of all articles with that topic) assigned to the article, as well as 'follow topic' dialog where users can subscribe to some of offered topics.

Verwadte artikel is manually curated list of related articles. Editors can add those in article edit screen in backend

Article map - when geo-location is defined in backend (with POI - point of interest - or without it), saved map view that is set in backend will be shown in sidebar of article page. There can be one or more POIs that further can hold multimedia infomration such as image, video, text. It is available in 'balloon' that opens when POI marker is clicked.

If article is part of dossier, element will be shown in sidebar. This element pulls data from dossier article - cover image, title, and link to dossier page.

FC Basel - If article is assigned topic 'FC Basel', there are three special 3rd party stats widgets that are shown in the sidebar. 


Backpage of the article is view which shows additiona information about article. 

  • Article topics - same as Mehr zum thema described above
  • Article timestamps - publish date and time, last-updated date and time 
  • Article history - option for editors to show more background information on how article was created. For this purpose, there is article field created and is available in article edit screen
  • Downloads - if article has files attached, they will be offered here for download. It can be any kind of article - pdf, spreadsheets or anything else.
  • Article sources - Similarly as article history, article sources can be manually editied in article edit screen in separate field
  • Geolocation - if geolocation (with or without POIs) is defined, similarly as in Article map escribed above, map will be shown with POI markers (if any) over it.
  • Article shortlink - Newscoop offers shortlink for every article. It is link like this:
  • Article authors - one or more authors that are authoring the content of the article are presented here. Besides authors of type 'author' (meaning, the one who wrote the text), there can be 'photographer', or any other custom-defined type. Type of author is shown next to it's name. Additional information about authors that is shown here is number of articles, blogposts and comments that they authored, with titles and teasers for latest pieces of that content
  • Related articles - same as above: it is manually curated list of related articles. Editors can add those in article edit screen in backend
  • Labs - experimental link that shows article in distraction-free mode (Artikel im Zen-Modus lesen)

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