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TagesWoche Newscoop 4.4 Implementation

article of type blog template

Common elements:

Article blogpost template is used to show both ordinary blogpost and photo-blog post. Difference between these two is in the sturcture of the page, but also in the logic of content: while photo-blog post is series of big images put one after another, ordinary blogpost is more like article, with body text and figure area that can hold picture, video or slideshow.

Photo-blog post

In backend, in blogs issue, photo-blogs are defined as separate section containers with number greater/equal to 200. That's the initial check in the template: if section number were blogpost is put is greater/equal 200, show blogpostin layout where main content column takes whole width of the page and sidebar is not existing. 

After showing article header information (name of blog, article title, publish and actualization date), article body follows. After that, list of article images is built.

{{ list_article_images }}
<img src="{{ url options="image width 980" }}" rel="resizable" alt="">
<p>{{ $gimme->article->image->caption|strip }} {{ if $gimme->article->image->photographer != "" }}(Bild: {{ if $gimme->article->image->photographer_url }}<a style="display: inline" href="{{ $gimme->article->image->photographer_url }}">{{ $gimme->article->image->photographer }}</a>{{ else }}{{ $gimme->article->image->photographer }}{{ /if }}){{ /if }}</p>
{{ /list_article_images }}

Images are shown in whole available width, with all metadata: caption (rich text captions are supported), photographer name and link to photographer's page.

Ordinary blogpost

- bloginfo part

- article header

- article figure

- article body

- article liveblog

- social share

- interaction triggers

- sidebar: share options; partner buttons; aktuell in this blog (with relative publish date); map; blogpost authors (image, link...); article topics; related articles; honorieren;

  • blogs aktuell
  • footer calendar 

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