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Omnibook for Creative Writers

Never Write Alone! (Unless You Want To)

Omnibook is a place for authors to get creative, exchange ideas, discuss and collaborate. It is a social platform for writing and producing books.

Omnibook is also a place where you can lock everybody else out and get stuck into your upcoming novel, all alone, no disturbance, no peeking!

We made Omnibook this way, because we believe that you can write a better book with the help of your peers. Every author will need to reach out to other writers, to editors and proofreaders, to get feedback or simply to procrastinate until the muse takes hold. Omnibook enables you to check in and out of your writer’s shack whenever you want.

Omnibook allows you to create books in your browser. Real, good-looking paper books you can hold in your hands. Omnibook exports your work into a printable PDF ready for the litho press or self-publishing platforms. It enables you to produce EPUB for digital distributors like Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook Press, Smashwords or Apple iBookstore. Omnibook is also capable of creating screen PDF, HTML5 and XHTML for websites.

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