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Newscoop 4.2 for Journalists and Editors


Themes control the look and feel of your Newscoop publication. Each publication has its own theme, containing a set of templates created by your web developers. The Newscoop administration interface includes a theme management and template editing tool, which you can find by clicking Configure on the main navigation menu, then Themes.

This will open the Theme Management page, displaying a table with the available themes. Each of the current publications has a corresponding tab at the top of the table, for example "The Prague Times".

On the right side of the table row for the theme you wish to modify, click the Actions menu, then Edit.

Some of the template files are organized into folders, shown at the top of the table on the Theme templates tab.

Clicking on the name of a folder displays the files within that folder.

In turn, clicking on a file name opens that file in the template editor. This feature enables your web developers to make quick changes to templates on a running Newscoop system.

You should only make changes to the templates if you know what you are doing, because any modifications will have an immediate impact on the appearance of your publication. This feature is also useful for editing templates on a development server before they are copied to the publication's production server.

Theme settings

The Theme Settings tab enables you to change the name of a theme, version numbers, or the specific template files used for the four master templates. Like the template editor, this feature should only be used by competent web developers, as it can have an immediate effect on the appearance of your publication.

Optionally, themes can define Article Types which you can match to existing Article Types on your Newscoop installation. If the theme defines any Article Types, they will be shown at the end of the Theme Settings tab. See the Article Types chapter in this manual for more details.

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