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Live Blog 3.0 for Journalists

What readers see

Readers see your live blog as a timeline on your website, with the latest items at the top. New items appear the moment you publish them, without needing to refresh the page.

The timeline created by Live Blog can be embedded wherever you choose on your site, and can be styled to fit seamlessly with the rest of your content.


A handy feature of Live Blog is that every single post in the public timeline is formatted as a HTML anchor, meaning that readers can share and link to posts directly. When you move your pointer over a post, a chain link icon appears in its top-right corner.

Readers can right-click to copy the link address, and paste to share it wherever they like.

They can also click on links at the top of the timeline to sort the order of posts, by Newest firstOldest first (handy if they've joined the live blog late), or Editorial, which reverts to the order as it was published by the editors of the blog (which isn't necessarily oldest first, though it usually is).

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