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Live Blog 3.0 for Journalists

What administrators do

An administrator is a special class of user with complete control over almost every aspect of Live Blog.

As an administrator you can of course do everything that the other two types of user can do. Please therefore make sure that you are completely familiar with the contents of the chapters What contributors do and What editors do.

In addition you have the power to:

  • configure and delete any blog
  • configure and delete any user
  • administer themes

Administering themes

Live Blog includes a new minimalistic 'Default Theme' to get you started. This theme renders your content easily and allows you to embed your live blogs seamlessly within your website.

To provide you with greater choice and flexibility, Live Blog now features a theme framework, allowing you to develop and deploy your own theme based on your graphic design.

This new theme framework is administered in the Theme Manager, accessed via the administrator-only option of that name in the three-bar icon  in the top-left corner of the screen.

All of the themes currently installed on the system are displayed. A tick indicates the default theme -- in this case it's the Classic Theme.

You can set one of the other installed themes to be the default by clicking MAKE DEFAULT.

To add or update a theme, click NEW THEME and upload the theme's zip file. And you can of course REMOVE a theme entirely if you wish.

We plan to provide full technical documentation on developing themes. In the meantime, follow the SOURCES link shown on any theme you are interested in to explore the Github repository where its source is available. You can also download a zipped archive of the theme.

To help developers create new themes, we have created a Yeoman generator for Liveblog themes. Try it with

npm install -g generator-liveblog-theme

Happy hacking!

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