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Live Blog 3.0 for Journalists

Getting to know Live Blog

Logging in

First, you need to log in to Live Blog with the user name and password provided by your system administrator.

Once you have logged in, you will be presented with the Blog List view. This shows a summary of every live blog that's currently active on the system.


Requesting access to blogs

Any blogs that you don't yet have permission to access are faded out. But as you move your pointer over a faded-out blog, a tooltip encourages you to Click to request access.

If you do so, and click the REQUEST ACCESS button in the resulting window, the blog owner -- in this case Tim Tipster -- will receive a notification of your request to join the team.


Changing your view of the blog list

Towards the top right corner of the page are controls for changing your view of the blog list. 

You can use these controls to switch between grid view and list view, choose how many blogs to display on each page, and move backwards and forwards through the pages of listed blogs.

You can also use the search facility towards the top left corner of the page. As you type, the blog list will narrow down to fit your search term.

Just above the search box, you'll notice that Active blogs is underlined, because that's what you're looking at. If you'd like to see the list of blogs that are still on the system but aren't currently being published, click on Archived blogs.

You can return to the Blog List view any time by clicking on the 'four squares' icon  towards the top left corner of the page.


Your profile

Clicking on the user icon  in the very top right corner of the page reveals a sidebar from which you can SIGN OUT when you need to, or click on PROFILE to bring up your profile page. (To hide the sidebar, click on the user icon again).

In the My Profile page you can upload an image to be your avatar, and correct and update details including your name, your 'signoff' (used elsewhere in Superdesk, the newsroom system of which Live Blog is one component), your email address and phone number. You can also initiate a change of password. A reset link will be sent to you by email.

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