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Live Blog 3.0 for Journalists

Contributors and editors

In Live Blog you are either a contributor or an editor.

This choice of role is set when your account is created, but if your role ever needs to be changed -- from contributor to editor or vice versa -- your system administrator can do this on request.


As a contributor, you can log in and access any live blog whose team you've been invited to join. There, you can submit as many posts as you like, ranging from a quick one-liner to a multi-item post, enriched with images, social media posts, video, and pretty much any other type of content you want from social media platforms and around the Web.

You can also save posts in draft. This is handy when you're juggling content during an event, but it can also be a useful way of preparing material in advance.

The contributor role suits someone who's reporting from the scene, or anyone else who can provide valuable input to the blog, but doesn't need to be co-ordinating the team or deciding what gets published and when.


As an editor, you can do a lot more than a contributor, including:

  • creating new live blogs;
  • changing the settings of blogs you own;
  • archiving or deleting blogs you own;
  • searching the list of other users on the system;
  • adding new users to the system;
  • adding people to your live blog's team;
  • preparing and publishing your own content;
  • editing and publishing other people's posts;
  • and re-ordering, unpublishing, and deleting posts from the timeline.

The chapters What contributors do and What editors do explain in detail how each type of user gets their work done in Live Blog.

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