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Booktype 2.3 for Authors and Publishers

Before You Install

For most authors it will not be necessary to have their own Booktype server, and there's every reason for them not to. Setting up their own Booktype server and backing up the data on a regular basis is a task that may distract authors from writing. If authors are going to share their work with the world, there may be good reasons to share a Booktype server as well - including the ability to take advantage of Booktype's collaborative features. Managed hosting is available from Booktype Pro, with support for creating both public and private books.

If you have your own technical support available, or do not wish to collaborate on the writing task with authors outside your organization, then having your own Booktype server might make sense. Also, if you don't have reliable access to the Internet, having your own Booktype server is a practical alternative to cloud-based services. For example, a school with laptops that can connect to each other on a network but not to the Internet may find a local Booktype server valuable.

The following chapters deal with installation on both GNU/Linux and Apple OS X servers. For writing and editing books, authors can use any computer or mobile device with a modern web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not currently recommended.

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