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Booktype 2.0 for Amnesty Editors and Translators

Exporting Book History

The Book History feature records every change to the text in a format which is suitable for editors and translators to compare changes across the whole book quickly and easily.

When you scroll to the bottom of an upload page you will see the link Download book history.

Download book history

This link opens a page which shows the history of the book since revision 2 (the first .docx upload) of each chapter. This page can be saved to your local computer and shared with editors and translators who do not have access to Booktype.

If there are no changes to a chapter since then, even if a new revision was created, the history report says so, and skips to the next chapter. If there are any changes, the whole chapter text is shown for context, with red and green highlighting for deleted and inserted text, respectively. Each chapter revision is timestamped, with a link to the relevant chapter for editing.

Book history links

If a change has not yet been accepted in the Booktype edit interface, both the text proposed for deletion and the replacement will be shown in the current revision. For example, the original text:
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
may be shown with an unaccepted change in the current revision as:

International Covenant on Civil and Political RightsICCPR
It is therefore recommended to accept or reject any outstanding changes before sharing the book history with translators.

The history also shows any changes to case, for example:

Arbitrary arrests and detentionS
These case changes are easy to miss when headings are converted to uppercase automatically. It is recommend to fix these inconsistencies, just because in future the text may be re-used in its original case.
The history page is declared as being in the international UTF-8 character set, which should ensure that accents on characters are shown correctly when this page is saved to a local computer for sharing.

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