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Airtime 2.5 for Broadcasters

Easy setup

The airtime-easy-setup package sets up a typical Airtime configuration without prompting you for any settings. You can then install the latest Airtime package from the Sourcefabric repository with a few clicks.

After that, the Airtime administration interface can be accessed at the default domain name of the computer (such as If you have not yet set a fully qualified domain name for the computer, you can use a URL such as http://ubuntu/ on the localhost for testing purposes. Whichever domain name you use, the Icecast administration interface will be at port 8000 of the same URL (such as

You can download the airtime-easy-setup package from which is a link to the latest version of the package. You should stay connected to the Internet throughout the installation, as a number of dependency packages have to be installed from online repositories.

On Ubuntu 10.04 'lucid', Debian 6.0 'squeeze' or Debian 7.2 'wheezy', you can run the airtime-easy-setup package from your browser using the program GDebi.


If you have chosen to save the package to your computer instead, in the desktop file manager, right-click on the airtime-easy-setup package and select Open with GDebi Package Installer:


Or for an Ubuntu Lucid or Debian server without a desktop, you can use gdebi on the command line:

sudo apt-get update
sudo gdebi airtime-easy-setup.deb

If gdebi is not installed, you can run this command first:

sudo apt-get install gdebi

Later versions of Ubuntu have replaced GDebi with the program software-center. On a desktop installation, right-click on the package and select Open with Ubuntu Software Centre. This desktop program can also be run from the command line, for example: 

software-center airtime-easy-setup.deb

Any of the methods above should resolve package dependencies automatically.

Install Airtime

Once the installation of airtime-easy-setup has completed, you can install the latest Airtime package on a desktop system using your usual package manager, such as Ubuntu Software Centre, or Synaptic on Debian.


On a server, you can use the command:

sudo airtime-easy-setup

Configure for production

To convert a test installation into a production installation, you can run the command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure airtime

The dkpg-reconfigure command will run through the configuration steps shown in the Automated installation chapter, so that you can set the correct hostnames and passwords for your production Airtime server.

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